EXCLUSIVE: Chad Johnson Drops a Bomb on 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All'

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Bad Chad is back!

The Bachelorette
: Men Tell All airs Tuesday night on ABC, and ET has this exclusive preview of villain Chad Johnson in the hot seat -- featuring a big reveal! Chad says that since he was sent home from the show, he's been seeing the ex-girlfriends of multiple contestants!

We knew from his not-so-subtle Instagram that Chad had spent time with (and kissed) finalist Robby Hayes' ex Hope Higginbotham, but on MTA Chad drops a bomb: He claims he's been seeing Grant Kemp's ex-girlfriend too!

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Kemp stays calm when Johnson delivers the news, and accuses him of being fame-hungry. "You've gone so far out of your way to make us react to your bulls**t," Kemp says. "You can have both of those girls. … It makes you guys look so thirsty. It's a joke."

Johnson gets boos from the studio audience, but has a justification. "I like to let girls know that it's better to date guys that are honest than date guys that pretend to be good guys and in the end are going to screw them over," he says.

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I spoke with "the Chad" at the taping -- he told me Robby is "not very happy" with Higginbotham. "Things aren't good between those two because you know some truth is getting spilled and somebody doesn't want that happening," he said.

So, the infamous bad boy may have been digging up some dirt on his fellow contestants -- and we'll see lots of drama on Men Tell All! Johnson had plenty more to say -- find out why he feels "misunderstood" in the video below.