Ryan Lochte Is On Tinder and Loves It, Says He's Met 'Gorgeous Women' With 'Professional Jobs'

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The Olympic gold medal swimmer swipes right!

Ryan Lochte swipes right!

The Olympic gold medalist, who is busy preparing for the 2016 Rio Games, shares in a new interview with Cosmopolitan that he still finds time to talk to women on Tinder -- and he loves it!

"I heard it took off in Sochi [at the 2014 Winter Olympics]," he explains. "So I got on it and I've been matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart, they have professional jobs and everything. I'm like, 'Wow, this is perfect.'"

Look at lucky Lochte!

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The 31-year-old swimmer also reveals why he prefers the hookup app to its competitors, such as Bumble and Raya.

"With Bumble, the girl always has to make the first [move], and I don't really like that," Lochte shares, noting Bumble's requirement that the female initiate a conversation on their app. "I don't think that's a woman job."

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"And then Raya [an app for celebrities and creatives], I don’t know," he adds. "I'm living in Charlotte so that didn't really work because most of the women you link up with are either in L.A. or New York. So I just recently got on Tinder."

While Lochte admits, "You can't say, like, looks aren't everything because, I mean, that's the first thing that people see," he does add, "I want someone that has goals and all that."

The swimmer’s busy schedule hasn't allowed him to actually go on any dates yet, but he says, "I've just been talking with a couple [women]."

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Meanwhile, Lochte isn't the only celeb whose been using the app!

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