EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelorette' Villain Chad Johnson Wishes He'd Punched Jordan Rodgers On the Show

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It was all about "the Chad" at The Bachelorette: Men Tell All Tuesday night!

The infamous season 12 "villain" was the dominant topic of conversation on the show's reunion special. First, he was dramatically held by security in a trailer before being brought out to talk with the other men. Then, Johnson was sent straight into the hot seat with host Chris Harrison.

From there it was a back-and-forth between the muscular Oklahoman and his fellow contestants. Some accused him (again) of using steroids. One (Nick Benvenutti) took off his jacket and tried to fight "the Chad." At the taping, Johnson told ET he felt fine about the night. "I think things went well," he said. "I had fun with it!"

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As for the challenge from Benvenutti? "I'm not going to give [him] the airtime," Johnson said. It's perhaps a surprising response -- Johnson was known for making violent comments on the show, and at one point even punched a door, making his own knuckles bleed. But, he never threw down with another contestant ... and now wonders if he should have!

"Maybe I should've punched somebody," he told Harrison. Johnson pondered if the other men would've left him alone in the mansion had he gotten physical.

So who would he hit? "That's a good question!" he told ET. "You want to go for the big guy first obviously. ... Maybe Jordan [Rodgers]. Yeah, Jordan would have been a good target."

Johnson also went after Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher for choosing Rodgers and Robby Hayes as her final two. He called Rodgers a "liar," but wouldn't go into specifics.

"I mean, I think everything's that's true is online already," he said, likely speaking to rumors that Rodgers cheated on an ex-girlfriend and had an active online dating profile while on the show. "I don't have to keep spitting it out there left and right."

Johnson had other tricks up his sleeve for the taping. He flaunted spending time with other contestants' ex-girlfriends, including Hayes' ex Hope Higginbotham. Johnson hurled a big accusation against Hayes, telling Harrison, "I know he's threatened [Higginbotham]."

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When asked to elaborate, he would only say, "He's not very happy with her … things aren't good between those two because, you know, some truth is getting spilled and somebody doesn't want that happening."

Johnson maintains he was the only contestant on Fletcher's season who was really there for, as they say, the right reasons. "I think I'm the only person here that legitimately showed up and was willing to try out an actual relationship with somebody," he said.

"The only regret that I have is thinking that threatening the dudes would get them to shut up," he said. "It did not work. Other than that no regrets! … I was myself. I did my thing."

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