Michael Fassbender Gets Ice Water Poured Down His Pants in 'Frozen Blackjack' Game With Jimmy Fallon


That’ll wake you up! Actor Michael Fassbender was a good sport on Tuesday night during a visit to The Tonight Show. The X-Men: Apocalypse star played a game of “Frozen Blackjack” with host Jimmy Fallon.

The rules are when one player loses a game of blackjack, they get a pitcher of ice water down their pants. Fallon lost the first two hands and had to suffer through the frigid liquid being poured through a funnel into his bottom half.

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“Oh my God, I think a cube went down there!” Fallon exclaimed.

After losing twice, the host took a gamble and brought out a giant oversized bottle of water for the third and final round, just to up the stakes.

At first, Fassbender, 39, wanted to play it safe and stay, but Fallon pressured him into getting just one more card, which caused him to lose the hand.

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“I would have been dry going home tonight!” Fassbender said. “So be it.”

Fallon first funneled some of the water in before giving up and just pouring it straight on the Oscar nominee’s crotch. His reaction was priceless.

Frozen Blackjack was a game invented by Captain America star Chris Evans back in May.