EXCLUSIVE: Mila Kunis High-Fives Ashton Kutcher At the End of Every Day Over Baby Wyatt: 'We Did It, We Kept H

Kunis and Kutcher always take a minute to celebrate their parenting wins.

Parenting win! Though Mila Kunis is embracing Bad Moms these days, the actress happily dished to ET about her “good mom” moments at the Westwood, California, premiere of her new comedy.

The pregnant star opened up about parenting baby Wyatt, 21 months, with her husband, Ashton Kutcher.

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“Every night that we play ‘put Wyatt down,’ we high-five each other and we're like, ‘We did it.’ Every single day we kept her alive, we're like, ‘She's alive!’” Kunis quipped. “And we're still in love. Like, you high-five when you still like each other and you still like your kid at the end of the night. Because sometimes they're the devil. They're the devil.”

And Kunis admits that her life isn’t as glamorous as it seems on the red carpet.

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“Here’s the truth, I have an amazing stylist,” she said of her stunning maternity wear. “I have an actual stylist. If I were to shop, it'd probably be Target.”

Kunis admitted to stepping out in everything from pajamas to sweatpants in her down time.

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“Remember, like 10 years ago, paparazzi were not what they used to be. So, like, you could still actually look like a human being without having to be, like, 'Oh my God, I have to put mascara on!'” she said of her looks off the carpet.

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The comedian was joined by her co-stars Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Christina Applegate for the premiere of the film.

Bell even came up to Kunis to give her a big hug right around her baby bump. The Veronica Mars star later told ET, “I love all these women. And sometimes, you grab each other’s buns.”

Bad Moms hits theaters July 29.