Jared Leto Talks Being a 'Lust Object' on 'My So-Called Life', Admits He Knows 'Absolutely Nothing' About Wome

Rolling Stone

The 44-year-old actor also reveals what he's learned about women.

Jared Leto has mixed feelings when looking back at his breakout role as the brooding heartthrob, Jordan Catalano, in the short-lived teen drama, My So-Called Life.

The show was only on ABC for one season, from 1994-95, but decades later, fans are still talking about the love interest of Angela Chase (Claire Danes), a role Leto -- who was in his early 20s at the time -- says meant more to fans of the show than it did to him. "I feel like it was such a short period of my life," he recalls to Rolling Stone magazine. "Let's face it, I barely spoke! I have a lot of gratitude for starting there, but they made such a big deal of the character in the show."

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He adds, "I think for some people, especially girls at that time, it mirrored something in their lives. I don't know. It did make an impact for people, but it's always been so imbalanced with what the experience was for me in my own life."

Leto agrees when Rolling Stone writer Brian Hiatt talks about the actor's character on My So-Called Life being a "lust object," a role Hiatt says is usually reserved for women. "Oh yeah! It was about time," he proclaims. "I'm happy to have taken that, uh, baton or whatever."

As for his own high school experience, Leto says he was "too busy taking drugs" to play sports, and dropped out in 10th grade. "I did them, lots of them. A lot of them were really fun," he admits. "There are just those few that tend to kick you in the a**. I guess at some point, too, there's a decision: Is this going to be my life? I made a choice to pursue other dreams. I guess that's just the kind of f**ked thing about a lot of drugs: The opportunity cost is too high. Some drugs are incredible, but the risk versus reward is out of line. I just saw too many examples of what not to do."

Now at age 44, Leto has an Oscar under his belt and a starring role in the upcoming blockbuster film, Suicide Squad, but still remains coy about his personal life. "You know what I have learned about women?" he quips. "I know absolutely nothing about women."

Leto confesses that he's still not sure if he'll ever get married. "It's just how things are," he shares. "I don’t think there's a definitive decision that I've made." As for whether he'd ever consider having children, he jokes that he may already have a kid out there somewhere. "You never know," he touts.

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Back in 1998, Leto -- who appears shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone -- revealed a big secret to ET. "I've done all kinds of things. I was a male stripper at one point," he shared. Check out the other odd jobs the star admitted to doing before getting into acting: