EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Clinton on What Mom Hillary Has Taught Her About Love and Womanhood

ET chats exclusively with Chelsea Clinton before her big speech at the DNC on Thursday.

Chelsea Clinton couldn't be prouder of her mother, soon-to-be presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

ET caught up with Chelsea at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, when she shared a few important life lessons Hillary has taught her, including how to be a strong woman.

"My mom is my role model in life," Chelsea gushes exclusively to ET's Nischelle Turner. "She's my role model as a mother, she's my role model as a working mother, and so I just am so grateful that she raised me with unconditional love, but also [by] her magnificent example."

"I hope I can give that same gift to my kids," she adds, referring to 1-year-old Charlotte and newborn Aidan. "I hope they are even just a fraction of as proud of me as I am about my mom."

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Chelsea says she's been "overwhelmed" by the magnitude of the last few days, and is still preparing her DNC speech that she's set to deliver on Thursday night. She teases that her highly anticipated speech will focus on Hillary as a mother, and as her role model.

More important, she's not comparing her speech to Ivanka Trump's well-received address at the Republican National Convention last week, though she has watched it.

"I just could see how much it meant to Ivanka to introduce her dad," she says about her pal's speech. "I remember what that felt like for me in 2008. I'm so excited to have that some opportunity to introduce my mom tonight, and I just hope that America will understand why we've been having the conversation we've been having -- why I'm so proud and grateful to be her daughter."

Last September, Chelsea surprisingly revealed to ET that she and Ivanka are actually close friends, something she counts on remaining despite the election.

"Our friendship didn't start with politics and it will last long after this race is done," Chelsea comments. "I mean, may we be so blessed that our children will become friends as they grow up. And so my responsibility tonight is to just try to help America understand why I'm so proud to be standing there on behalf of my hero, and I hope that will come through."

The 36-year-old former first daughter says Hillary has taught her plenty about love by demonstrating it throughout her childhood.

"She raised me with the few kind of bedrock values of working hard, never giving up," Chelsea says. "My grandmother's mantra that life's not about what happens to you, it's about what you do with what happens to you -- the belief that those of us that have been blessed have a responsibility to expand the circle of blessing is another of my grandmother's sort of adages."

"Love was just an everyday act for my mom," she notes. "I never felt like she had to choose between quality and quantity of time, because I just was really lucky. I got a lot of both."

The mother of two also says she isn't sweating the harsh attacks on her mom during the campaign.

"I think in some ways this is the gift of having grown up in politics," she muses. "I never mistake the political for the personal. And I know that the person as President Obama said last night that so often the Republicans or whoever are talking about, is a caricature. It's not the real person that I know and love. And so, it's easy to not pay attention to that because it's not real. It has nothing to do with my lived experience. It has nothing to do with the 36 years I've been so lucky to know my mom, and call her mom."

And how does Chelsea feel about potentially making a return to the White House?

"I am an adult now, I have my own family... so I wouldn't be moving back into my room, but I certainly hope that we'll be able to visit mom and grandma in the White House," she says.

Although, they haven't quite figured out what to call her father, Bill Clinton, should Hillary become president!

... First Laddy?

"That's what he said to me jokingly, but I don't think were gonna let that happen," Chelsea jokes. "I don't think so. I might have to pull daughter rank on that."

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ET was with Hillary in May, when she said that she'll definitely have a nursery in the White House for her grandchildren should she win the election in November!

"Oh my gosh, of course!" Hillary laughed. "Easy question! I am thrilled that Charlotte recognizes me and calls me grandma. I am thrilled that she'll occasionally ask her mother or father where I am and then, if I'm around, they'll FaceTime me."

Watch the cute moment below: