Paris Jackson Slams Social Media Trolls: 'If You Don't Like Me, Please Don't Waste Your Time'


Paris Jackson has something to say.

Michael Jackson's 18-year-old daughter took to Instagram on Thursday to address her followers on social media, pleading users to stop the hate.

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In her lengthy essay -- accompanied by a silly photo of herself and boyfriend Michael Snoddy -- Jackson said she's aware that not all followers are fans.

"I would very much like to address something here," she began. "I realize that a very very large portion of the followers I have are people that highly dislike me and very much enjoy to write negative things about what I say and do."

"It's alarming and a little scary how a small thing I do blows up because the negative followers try to micromanage and control what I do," she wrote.

"If a complete stranger goes onto a close friend of mine's account to get a photo of me, I'd like to think it's fair for me to say something about it," Jackson continued. "Yet if I do, all of a sudden I'm a raging and ungrateful b*tch with an enormous ego and attitude, and all of a sudden the good things I do never happened."

"I think it's a very black and white, all or nothing type of deal here, and if that's the case, I'd rather not be using social media," she revealed, before mentioning the three year break from social media she took a few years ago. "The ridicule and slander that is on this site is no better, and usually even worse, than the awful things written in the tabloids. I find that very sad."

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Jackson then addressed users who she has blocked, defending her right to report people for hurtful behavior. "I had reason, and I clarified it," she stated. "I stand by that."

"Further more if anyone that doesn't like me is following this account, I urge you to please just unfollow," she implored. "If what I do angers you I really don't want you to see it because that just encourages more anger and hate. I try to do everything I can with love and humor."

"Once again, if you don’t like me please don't waste your time on me," she concluded.

The famous teenager also took to Twitter to comment on the topic, revealing that even her boyfriend’s family was being harassed.

"People are literally making fake accounts to harass and bully the mother of my boyfriend. How far is this going to go? Makes me sick," she tweeted.

"it's all about L O V E, right? If you're a moonwalker, prove it. The more hate you spread, the more of a hypocrite you are. Love love love," she added shortly after.

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This isn't the first time Jackson has had to defend herself from online haters. Just last month, she slammed trolls who tried to bully and harass her into writing a Father's Day post.

See more in the video below.

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