Vin Diesel Becomes First Actor to Hit 100 Million Likes on Facebook

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'The Fast and the Furious' star is the first actor to achieve the milestone.

Congratulations to Vin Diesel!

The Fast and the Furious
star has hit 100 million likes on Facebook, the first actor to do so.

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Diesel is the third person to achieve the major milestone -- following Shakira and Christiano Ronaldo -- and Hollywood couldn't help but congratulate him on the accomplishment. 

"Congrats Vin Diesel on hitting 100 million followers!" Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook. "Here's one of my favorite photos of us -- trying on your glasses the first time we met."

Diesel's Fast and Furious family also acknowledged his huge achievement.

"Congratulations Vin it seems the world is as captured by your Strength, Loyalty, Kind Heart & leadership as I am. You have good intentions in this business, & that is tough to find in Hollywood," Michelle Rodriguez wrote, along with a little video. "I'll forever treasure our friendship."

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"Guys seriously???????? Vin Diesel's account just made HISTORY 2 times !!!!!!! 100 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!" Tyrese Gibson added.

"Congratulations on hitting 100 Million Fans, Vin!" Jordana Brewster posted, along with a throwback photo. "This was our first trip together for Fast and Furious. From the very beginning, Vin knew how special this film would be. He was and continues to be our fearless leader."

But just how did Diesel reach 100 million? Well, according to statistics, the milestone was achieved with major pushes from the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico -- the top three countries Diesel fans come from.

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And as for the 49-year-old actor's most shared post? That would be a tribute to his fallen co-star and friend, Paul Walker, with 7.7 million likes.

Diesel, currently on set filming Fast 8, is expected to share a Facebook Live post on Saturday. 

While the xXx star celebrates 100 million Facebook likes, the franchise that brought him fame, The Fast and the Furious, recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

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Check it out in the video below.