The Olympic Basketball Team's Singalong Delighted Everyone -- Except Carmelo Anthony

Getty Images

The basketball superstars of Team USA are adversaries during the regular NBA season. But this summer, they’re gearing up to take on the world as one united team -- and having some old-school singalongs along the way!

In a video shared by Sacramento Kings star Demarcus Cousins, fans saw Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving jamming out to Vanessa Carlton’s 2002 hit, “A Thousand Miles” on one of the team’s recent flights. And we mean jamming. Check out Butler’s air keyboard!

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In fact, the only Team USA baller not enjoying himself during the delightful singalong seemed to be Carmelo Anthony. In another clip, shared by Toronto Raptors star DeMar DeRozen, the New York Knicks captain is show sulking, head in hands, clearly not amused by the antics of his fellow teammates. 

Captioned simply, “Melo ain’t having it…” DeRozen’s video shows the flip-side of Butler and Irving’s joyous singalong, and sets Anthony up as the grumpy grandpa figure of Team USA. Seriously. That face. “Ain’t having it” is right.


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The moment quickly went viral, meaning that ‘Melo likely has a lot of Vanessa Carlton in his future. It’ll be worth it, though, if the team brings home the gold!

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