Celine Dion Wants to Honor Rene Angelil With a Heartfelt Tattoo


His heart will go on.

Celine Dion has revealed the sweet and permanent way she would like to honor her late husband, Rene Angelil, who died in January after a lengthy battle with throat cancer. In a rapid-fire interview with The Scene, Dion described what kind of tattoo she would get in his memory.

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"Since my husband passed away, they can make the tattoo as his heartbeat," she said, drawing an EKG line in the air with her hand. "So, I might have his heartbeat on my body for the rest of my life."

The remark came during a game of "This or That," in which Dion was asked to choose between tattoos or piercings.

"In tattoos, I've seen so many people that, they have tattoos when they're young and they get older and the name changes," Dion prefaced her answer. "You know, it used to be 'Louise' and now it's like, 'Louis.' You are goin' down! It's gravity, baby. It's goin' down."

The 48-year-old singer showed off her delightfully sassy side in the minute-and-a-half clip, getting especially animated while discussing fashion vs. comfort.

"I don't care about comfort," she said, wagging her finger in the air. "The day you start thinking about comfort, you're getting old. And I'm just starting, so I'm not getting old!"

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Dion put her fighting spirit on display at the Billboard Music Awards in May, where she performed Queen's "The Show Must Go On" in tribute to her late husband. 

And just last month, she revealed exclusively to ET that she was already hard at work on her next English-language album and that Pink had written a song for her called "Recovering."

"She is phenomenal. I love her for her talent, for her strength, for her focus, the person she is," Dion said of the "Just Like Fire" singer. "At the [Billboard Music Awards] when I saw her, I said, 'For you to take the time to really write a song, to give me a tool, a piece of luggage to help me to move forward to walk to keep going…"

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