Jared Leto Covers Himself in Puppies on 'Tonight Show,' Sets New Screensavers Around the World


No jokes here! Jared Leto might play the diabolical Joker in the upcoming film Suicide Squad, but when the Oscar winner is around precious puppies, he melts just like the rest of us.

Leto appeared on The Tonight Show on Monday night where he had to answer questions about animals in order to win precious Golden Retriever puppies.

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Wearing a comical knitted sweater with a leopard print, Leto started off strong answering his first question right and winning “Mr. Gary Rick Jr.” When host Jimmy Fallon got his question wrong, Leto scored his second pup.

But Fallon quickly caught up and had four puppies going into “Final Puppardy.” The question was: “Roughly how many flowers does a beehive have to harvest to make one pound of honey?”

Fallon guessed 305 while Leto guessed 10 million. The correct answer was 2 million, making Fallon the winner of the game.

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Later in the day, the actor took a lint roller to get the puppy hair off and hit the Suicide Squad red carpet wearing a long denim jacket with flowers and a giant lion embroidered on it.

Suicide Squad premieres on Friday.