7 Craziest Moments From Past Olympic Opening Ceremonies


The 2016 Olympic Games are officially upon us!

While we're all geared up and ready to cheer Team USA on to victory in Rio, we've got to get through one little thing first -- the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

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The event, established in 1920, was created to showcase the host country's culture before introducing the world's best athletes, and while many have gone off without a hitch, just a few have knocked it out of the park -- and onto another planet.

In honor of the special few that have us going, "WTF?" here are some of the most unforgettable moments of Olympics Opening Ceremonies past.

7. Moscow 1980 -- Human Pyramid

This one may be a bit unfamiliar to Americans, as 1980 was the year of the U.S.-led Olympic boycott, but belongs on the list nonetheless. The former Soviet Union pulled out all the stops -- and probably all of their citizens -- as they stacked gymnasts and dancers on top of each other to form a crazy human pyramid.

6. Los Angeles 1984 -- Jetpack

The Soviet Union responded to America's boycott four years later, by refusing to take part in the 1984 Olympics games in Los Angeles, but that didn't stop the U.S. from showing them exactly what they're missing -- jetpacks! Up, up and away!

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5. Atlanta 1996 -- The Greatest

He's not "the Greatest" for just any reason! Certainly not the wildest thing to ever happen, but a surprise that will go down in history. If you were in the audience at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, when Muhammad Ali walked out to light the torch to start the games, your mind was absolutely blown.

4. Sydney 2000 -- Deep Sea Adventure

Australia put on a quite a show for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, wowing the masses with its deep sea dreaming segment -- and confusing everyone when a young Nikki Webster conked out in the middle of the stadium to start the performance.

3. Beijing 2008 -- Lip Sync Battle

 Beijing's critically acclaimed opening ceremony was full of show-stopping illusions, including computer-simulated fireworks and having a girl lip-sync -- to a recording by another singer. Nine-year-old Lin Miaoke mimed her performance of "Ode to the Motherland," recorded by another young girl, Yang Peiyi. The swap was apparently a last minute decision, following an objection to Miaoke's voice and a decision that Peiyi was a little too "chubby"; International Olympic Committee executive director Gilbert Felli even defended the use of a more "photogenic double."

2. London 2012 -- The Queen Parachutes


Never has there been a more shocking entrance by an Olympic opener than Queen Elizabeth's seeming descent into the stadium via parachute, with a little help from her royal corgis and James Bond.

1. Sochi 2014 -- Russian Police Officers "Get Lucky"

Nothing can ever top the Russian Police Choir's totally jazzin' rendition of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." Nothing.

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Honorable mention: London 2012 -- An Army of Mary Poppins Fight a 40-Foot Voldemort

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Looks like Harry Potter could've saved himself a couple years by giving Mary Poppins a call -- at least according to London's crazy opening ceremony segment dedicated to British children’s stories.

While the jury's still out on exactly what will go down in Rio, one thing’s for sure: they've got Gisele Bundchen on their side.

See more in the video below.