What Does the 'Suicide Squad' Post-Credits Scene Even Mean? We Asked Viola Davis to Explain!

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If you liked the part in Batman v Superman where Wonder Woman watches a PowerPoint presentation of metahumans, you probably loved the post-credits stinger in Suicide Squad -- because it is pretty much the same thing!

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Here's what happens in the scene, if you need a recap: Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) meets with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and admits that she's worried about repercussions of the Squad's actions and what they will mean for her. ("My head will be on a spike.")

Wayne: "Consider yourself under my protection. If you deliver."

Waller pulls out a binder of dossiers labeled "TOP SECRET" and slides it across the table. Bruce Wayne flips through a few pages: Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), Barry Allen/The Flash (Ezra Miller), and Aquaman (Jason Momoa).

Waller: "Why, Mr. Wayne?"
Wayne: "I just like to make friends."
Waller: "That's the difference between us. You believe in friendship, I believe in leverage."
Wayne: "Good night."
Waller: "You look tired. You should stop working nights."
Wayne: "You should shut it down. Or my friends and I will do it for you."

Fun! A Ben Affleck cameo! Some semi-vague threats and implications that the Justice League will take on the Suicide Squad in some far-off movie! (We already know the villain in Justice League will be Steppenwolf.) But also: who cares? Besides the fact that Waller seemingly knows Wayne is Batman, didn't he basically already know who the metahumans were?

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Suicide Squad
takes place after the events of BvS, where Bruce steals LexCorp files that contain YouTube videos featuring The Flash and Aquaman, as well as Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). During Superman's funeral, he does tell the latter, "Help me find the others like you!" But does that mean the Waller files are just... more info? As in, names and addresses and stuff?

And why is Enchantress even in it? She's dead! (Or whatever.)

So, that's confusing and the link to Justice League seems redundant. We went straight to the source to ask Davis herself how she interpreted what is happening in the scene and what it might means for future DC films. Her answer doesn't really clear anything up, but her perspective is interesting.

"I felt very uneasy. I felt like I was passing over power that I felt could come back and bite me in the tail. That's how I felt," she revealed at the premiere. "Working with Ben Affleck is-- I've met him before, but he's always a joy to work with. He's very calm. He literally just stands on the side and just is very zen."

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Another movie that won't be specifically spun off from Suicide Squad, but which is now inevitable, is the eventual pitting of Batfleck versus Jared Leto's Joker. As a little bonus at the bottom of this post, here is what Leto had to say about what that movie will be like: "The first answer that came to mind was entirely inappropriate, but I think you can probably see a gentle, slightly funny love story."

Or, if Leto has his way, perhaps it will be a solo Joker film.

"I would love for there to be a Joker film. I would love to take the cuffs off, rated R," he said. "[Suicide Squad] is just getting started. I think that the performance that I gave probably on set was definitely an NC-17 and maybe an NC-34...A Joker movie would be really great, because I think you could explore other territory that you can't in a film like this."

As for how Leto's Clown Prince of Crime stacks up against all those that came before him -- from Heath Ledger to Jack Nicholson -- check out the video below!