2016 Rio Olympics: All the Fierce Designer Fashion from the Opening Ceremony

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The world’s best athletes have officially arrived!

With designers like Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani behind some of this year’s uniforms, we think it’s about time to add a new sport to the Olympic Games: arriving in style!

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Checkout the flyest fashion from Rio’s Opening Ceremony below.

United States of America in Polo Ralph Lauren

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Team USA kept it real preppy with Ralph Lauren-designed uniforms that screamed, “America is here, and ready to (politely) party!” The best athletes of the United States made their glorious entrance outfitted in striped red, white and blue shirts covered by a classic Ralph Lauren navy blazer and casual boat shoes. Nothing says confidence like a pair of white jeans!

France in Lacoste

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The French also opted for white in their opening ceremony look, designed by Lacoste, but went for a much sportier look, featuring polos, white pants and zip-up track sweaters. Tres chic!

Italy in Giorgio Armani

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Team Italy kept it slick, sophisticated, and very Euro in their sporty Giorgio Armani black tracksuits with white detailing. Who needs colors when you have Armani?

Australia in Sportscraft and Tom's

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Australia arrived looking like the happiest bunch of Slytherins we’ve ever seen, with their green pinstripe blazers and white trousers, accented with gold ties and scarves. The Aussies kept it sentimental with their look, sporting the names of past gold medal winners in the lining of their jackets, and comfortable shoes designed by Tom’s.

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Republic of Korea (South Korea) in Bean Pole

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If Team South Korea seems a bit covered up for a summer in Rio, it’s because they are. South Korea also opted for a little prep(aredness), as retailer Bean Pole designed their garments with a special insect repellant to protect against the Zika virus. Fashionable and functional!

Sweden in H&M

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Team Sweden showed off fashionable looks by iconic Swedish retailer H&M, looking comfortable and cute in their yellow and blue attire.

Canada in DSquared2

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The Canadians clearly don’t play around. Our friends up North shut it down in DSquared2 gear, designed by Dean and Dan Caten, sporting edgy blazers made of track suit material. Dare we say Canada looks like team USA’s cooler, hipper (yet nicer, because Canada, ya know?) older sibling? Never has a maple leaf looked so badass!

Great Britain in Stella McCartney

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The Brits kept it very British as they arrived in Stella McCartney apparel. Clean, and chic -- Britain means business!

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