Mark Consuelos on Living in L.A. With His Teenage Children: 'We're Like Roommates'


Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa have got this parenting thing down.

Mark Consuelos is definitely enjoying spending quality time with his two eldest children, 19-year-old Michael and 15-year-old Lola.

The 45-year-old actor has been temporarily living with both Michael and Lola in Los Angeles where his new Fox show, Pitch, shoots. Meanwhile Kelly Ripa has stayed behind in New York City with their youngest child, 13-year-old Joaquin, to film Live!.  

"We're very much like roommates," Mark shared about Michael and Lola following the Pitch session at Fox's Television Critics Association press day on Monday.

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And, as Kelly previously dished on Live!, Lola is loving Los Angeles, and looking to attend college on the West Coast.

"She's awesome. We did get to spend some quality time that we don't normally share. It's really, really nice," Mark gushed about his daughter. "She loves Los Angeles. She wants to figure out a way to live here permanently. There's UCLA or USC. [I told her] in a few years, come out and do that. My oldest son is interning at a production company throughout the week so they’re pretty busy."

Bicoastal living with his wife has also been surprisingly painless so far.

"It's easy. The kids are older now," Mark explained. "There's no changing diapers. There's no midnight feedings. In the past, maybe we wouldn't take a job that's so far away, but now it's cool."

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But the tight-knit family finally reunited over the weekend and enjoyed a brunch date to celebrate. 

ET actually caught up with both Mark and Lola at the Nine Lives premiere in L.A. last week, when then two hilariously showed a typical teenage daughter and father relationship. Lola even threw a little bit of shade at her famous dad on the red carpet.

Watch the cute moment below!

Additional reporting by Philiana Ng.