Meryl Streep Doesn't Know the Difference Between Snapchat and Sexting

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Meryl Streep is proof that you really can learn something new every day.

She's a two-time Emmy winner, five-time GRAMMY nominee, three-time Oscar winner -- and the current record holder for most Academy Award nominations -- and Tony Awards nominee. (Which is to say, she is just shy of EGOT-ing.) And at 67 years young, Streep just discovered the difference between Snapchat and sexting.

"Somebody told me that I Snapchatted, but I don't know how to Snapchat and I thought it was the thing that you do when you're sexting sort of and then you want it to be erased," she tells PrideSource. To be fair, that's pretty much what it is.

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While discussing her status as a gay icon and not having enough "distance" to appreciate impressions of herself, Streep hilariously reveals her children -- musician Henry Wolfe, The Good Wife star Mamie, Mr. Robot actress Grace, and model Louisa Gummer -- imitate her "endlessly."

"I laugh, but I kind of don't like it," she says. "Especially when I answer the phone and they can tell that it's [me pretending to be], like, a Jamaican operator or something, because I sort of start talking in the accent of the person I'm talking to. Oh, they're merciless."

As far as her work is concerned, some of Streep's most famous roles have been playing real-life people -- her latest being opera singer Florence Foster Jenkins -- but the actress doesn't ever want a biopic about her own life, noting, "I hope I fade into oblivion."

She is open to starring in a Devil Wears Prada sequel. At least, as she put it, "In theory."

"The heart sinks until you read the script. It's like, somebody said [they want a] Mamma Mia 2! and it's just, ack! I thought, 'Gram-Mamma Mia!'? Really? No," she explains with a laugh. "It would depend on the script...If somebody has the imagination and wit to apply and has an interesting story, yeah, sure."

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