Jonah Hill Reveals the Acting Advice Leonardo DiCaprio Shared With Him

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When it comes to epic pranks and acting advice, you can always count on Leonardo DiCaprio!

While preparing for his new role as former international arms dealer Efraim Diveroli in War Dogs, Jonah Hill says he got some helpful advice from his Wolf of Wall Street co-star.

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"He said, 'Always meet them if you can, take what you want and leave what you don't,'" Hill recalled DiCaprio telling him with regard to portraying real life people on the big screen, during a Q&A panel hosted by The New York Times on Thursday.

"It's great if you can [meet the person]. You just have to do a lot of editing of who they actually are," he added.

Unfortunately, the 32-year-old actor wasn’t able to utilize DiCaprio's suggestion for War Dogs, as Diveroli was serving a prison sentence at the time of filming and declined any involvement with the movie.

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The film follows the story of two international arms dealers who secure a government contract to supply weapons for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. But, this wasn’t the first time Hill has encountered some resistance from a real person he was portraying.

"Most of the time when I play somebody, they have a violent reaction against me playing them," he said.

Recently, DiCaprio pranked Hill on a street corner in New York, running up to his friend with his phone out, pretending to be a crazed fan and nearly startling his buddy half-to-death.

"It was funny! I was totally taken off guard," Hill recently told ET. "I was scared sh*tless."

Check out the hilarious moment in the video below.

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