Vin Diesel Was Difficult on 'Fast 8' Set, Angered Dwayne Johnson, Source Says

Looks like the drama got a little too real on the set of 'Fast 8.'

Fast 8
stars Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson definitely clashed on set during filming, a source tells ET.

Johnson made headlines on Monday when he called out some of his Fast 8 male co-stars for not acting like "true professionals" -- also calling them "chicken s**t and "candy a**es" -- though he didn't name names. But a source tells ET that cast and crew were upset with Diesel towards the end of shooting, due to his failure to be on time.

"There were several times Vin was late to set and it really started pissing Dwayne and other cast and crew off," the source says. "Dwayne was always on time for shooting. It was Vin who would often show up when he felt like showing up. Dwayne is the complete opposite."

"At the end of production Dwayne was really over Vin's bulls**t," the source adds. "As far as I know, they haven’t spoken since they left set."

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Diesel has yet to respond directly to Johnson's comments, but he did post an Instagram video on Wednesday addressing his fans. The 49-year-old action star gushed about his 1-year-old daughter, Pauline -- whom he named after the late Paul Walker -- and dropped a cryptic line.

"So give me a second and I will tell you everything. Everything," he said with a big smile.

Johnson, 44, also took to Instagram to explain more about his on-set beef on Wednesday, alluding to some not respecting everyone's time.

"You guys reading this know how much I believe in the idea of a TEAM EFFORT," the Ballers star wrote. "That means respecting every person, their time and their value when they step on to my set or partner with our production company. And like with any team -- that's a family -- there's gonna be conflict."

"Family is gonna have differences of opinion and fundamental core beliefs," he added. "To me, conflict can be a good thing, when it's followed by great resolution. I was raised on healthy conflict and welcome it. And like any family, we get better from it."

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Meanwhile, Fast 8 star Tyrese Gibson responded to Johnson's rant in his own Instagram post, insisting that he had no issue with the former wrestler.

"DJ happens to be one of the most humble, down to earth and professional people I've ever worked with and more importantly he's my brother we have NEVER had a problem and will never have a problem," Gibson, 37, wrote.

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