'Supergirl' Star Laura Benanti Is Expecting Her First Child

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Congratulations are in order for Laura Benanti!

The Supergirl actress took to Twitter on Thursday to confirm that she’s expecting her first child with husband Patrick Brown.

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"Doing a little research with @impbrown!" she wrote, before revealing the gender of the baby. "Coming this winter...#BabyGirlBrown." 

The happy couple, who appear to be taking notes from New York Times bestselling parenting guide, What to Expect When You're Expecting, got married on Nov. 15, 2015.

Last September, the 37-year-old actress opened up about suffering a miscarriage in an op-ed piece for Huffington Post Women.

"When my fiancé, Patrick, and I first saw and heard our little peanut's heartbeat, a wave of love washed over me that I had not known was possible," she wrote. She also talked about the feelings of isolation and loneliness she experienced after losing her baby.

"If this is so common, then why do we only speak about it in whispers, if we speak about it at all? If this is so common, why does it feel like the Voldemort of women's issues?" she continued. "Why, if my neighbor sees me looking sad and asks me if I am okay, is it perfectly acceptable to tell her my aunt passed away, or I lost my job, or I had to put my dog down -- but if I tell her I experienced a miscarriage, I am somehow inappropriately oversharing?"

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This year, Benanti has been showered with many career highlights. She recently starred in the Broadway revival She Loves Me, for which she earned her fifth Tony nomination, and has slayed her recurring roles in Nashville and Supergirl.

Last month, she became a viral session after spoofing Melania Trump's RNC speech on The Late Show. Watch her epic interpretation of Trump's wife in the video below.

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