EXCLUSIVE: Colbie Caillat Wants to Elope: 'We Might Just Go Randomly Do It Somewhere on a Getaway Trip'

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So, how is Colbie Caillat's wedding planning coming along? "We aren't planning, actually."

The "Goldmine" singer got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Justin Young, in May of last year, but told ET's Sophie Schillaci during a chat on Facebook Live that she isn't planning to walk down the aisle in some extravagant ceremony.

"We actually don't want to have a ceremony where we're saying stuff in front of people," Caillat said, revealing the duo are both "super introverts." "It was stressing us out feeling like we had to do another show, another set time, 'cause that's what every day is. So, we want to do something simple. We might just go randomly do it somewhere on a getaway trip."

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Caillat and Young have written a number of songs together. He also produced a track on her upcoming album and serves as the music director for her band and will be the opening act on her tour. But the 31-year-old singer has no qualms about mixing business with pleasure.

"We've actually known each other for 10 years now. He joined my band and we didn't start dating for two years after that," she recalled. "We worked together first. We were friends first. And it was really amazing, because we got to travel the world together and then ended up falling in love."

"We have fun working together, and it's cool because we don't get sick of each other," she added. "I like being with my person all the time."

As for that upcoming album, The Malibu Sessions, Caillat likens it to her first record, 2007's Coco, which featured her first hit song, "Bubbly."

"I actually wrote this album, like, four years ago and recorded it three years ago," she said. "It's been in my back pocket. I started my own label so I could put it out on my own and do it my way. And I'm really excited about it. The album is just really relaxed, carefree, sunny, organic."

To hear about Young's Friends-themed proposal story, check out the video below!