Hugh Jackman's 'Old' Face Has Everyone Freaking Out -- Get the Real Story Behind the 'X-Men' Star's Pic!

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Has anyone checked on Hugh Jackman lately? To make sure everything is OK?

The 47-year-old X-Men actor shared a photo of himself on Instagram, listening to music while posing in front of a platter of fish. "Now that's what I'm talking about!" he captioned it. No big deal, except fans have deemed him "old" and "unrecognizable" in the pic. And to be fair, Jackman generally does look as ageless as the mutant he so iconically plays.

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So, what's the deal? Nothing is confirmed, but Jackman is currently shooting the third installment in the Wolverine franchise -- which also explains that grizzled beard -- which has been rumored to incorporate elements of the "Old Man Logan" comics. This Insta might just be a first look!

Especially since Jackman has looked as youthful -- and jacked -- as ever in his recent posts:

Jackman -- who has been wielding Wolverine's adamantium claws since 2000! That's over a decade and a half! -- previously revealed that Wolverine 3 will be his last time playing Logan.

"It was a gut feeling. I don't know how many more egg white omelets I can eat," he explained to ET. As to who should inherit the role after him, Jackman said he thinks it should go to a younger, unknown actor.

"I was completely unknown when I got that part, and Wolverine is so iconic as a character," he said. "I'm forever grateful to Bryan [Singer] actually for giving me a shot, and that'd be nice for that to happen to someone else. The other thing is, I was 30 when I took that on, so I think there's a whole area of his life [that will] be interesting if you pick someone who is younger."

Meanwhile, X-Men universes collided when Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds recently crashed Jackman's interview. See what hijinks ensued in the video below.