Latest 'American Horror Story' Teaser Features a Suspiciously 'Stranger Things'-esque Monster


Let's hope this American Horror Story teaser is another misdirect. Because otherwise, "Stranger Things much?!"

We've seen spiders and aliens, demon babies and creepy farm houses in various previews for season six of AHS, but the latest, titled "The Mist," features a monster that bares more than a passing resemblance to the Demogorgon from Netflix's sci-fi smash hit. Even more suspicious, the video's description -- "Run." -- is EXACTLY what was spelled out for Winona Ryder in Christmas lights.

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FX's CEO, John Landgraf, recently revealed that the network's marketing department had doctored up a number of trailers for "hypothetical seasons" of the series. "One of them is accurate and the others are all misdirects," he teased. "So all I can say is there is a theme, and a setting, and a place, and a time, but we're not going to reveal it because we think it will be fun for the audience to have a bit of a surprise."

Ryan Murpy told fans in March that he was working on "two ideas at once" for season six, but dropped a hint that they were influenced by "the opera" and "children" and said, "It will have a different form than we've ever done."

We do know that Lady Gaga will return, following her Golden Globe-winning debut last year.

"Back to work! not the countess but...who???" she captioned a recent Instagram from the set.

Meanwhile, Emma Robert, who sat out Hotel after starring in Coven and Freak Show, revealed to ET her grand plan to return to AHS and her "dream" showdown with Gaga. Find out what she had to say in the video below.