Amber Rose Encourages Women to Carry Condoms, Embrace Their Sexuality and Do 'Whatever the F**k' They Want


Amber Rose isn't holding anything back.

During the sex and hip-hop edition of The Amber Rose on Friday, the 32-year-old model got rapper O.T. Genasis to share his wildest bedroom secrets, clarified her statements from a previous episode regarding ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, and revealed why guys find her so intimidating.

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"You really wanna know -- really, really?" Genasis asked when Rose asked him to spill his go-to sex move. "I got this thing, right -- you know, I don't really wanna give it up because [other guys] are going to start doing it, and going to the gym."

Soon enough, he gave in.

"If I'm going to [tap s**t], I'm going to make sure it goes on my shoulders and she's touching the ceiling, you know what I'm saying?" the "CoCo" rapper, 29, continued. "So, if you want me to do a demonstration, I don't know how that's possible…"

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Later, Rose discussed her own sex life, referencing the comments she made about Khalifa during episode four of her VH1 talk show.

"Two weeks ago, I made a joke about Wiz putting his babies on my face," she explained. "It was everywhere, it was like, 'Amber says she wants sperm on her face.' It's like, were they so appalled that I said it, or were they appalled because it looked like I actually enjoyed it?"

"It's almost taboo. You're not allowed to be a woman and enjoy anything sexual," MUVA added. "It's complete bulls**t. So that's why I have my SlutWalk."

Rose is currently gearing up for her second annual SlutWalk, which will take place in downtown Los Angeles on Oct. 1.

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"Ladies, let's stick together," she continued. "Let's teach these men, let's teach our children to be better, the next generation."

During another portion of the show, Rose took questions from audience members in a segment titled "Ask MUVA."

A female fan explained to Rose that she always has condoms on her in order to protect herself, but feels shamed for carrying them around.

"When I bring [the condom] out, because I clearly know where it's leading, I will have such shocked responses," the fan continued. "Men will be like, 'Oh, she must be a slut.'"

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Rose got fired up, saying, "This is why I can't find a man!"

"I'm too confident in my sexuality that they're just like, 'I can't deal with her. She got a whole bag of condoms, and she's just got the lube and she's ready to f**king go whenever I'm ready to go,'" Rose dished. "It's uncomfortable for them, right? Don't ever change that. Because as women, we always think, 'Oh, we gotta change ourselves, we gotta dumb ourselves down, we gotta change our hair.'"

"We gotta do whatever the f**k we wanna do," she continued. "And if that means you gotta be single for a while until that one man comes along and says, 'You know what? I appreciate you having condoms, girl.' That means you take care of yourself. And you protect yourself."

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