EXCLUSIVE: Christie Brinkley Talks Possible Reconciliation With Ex John Mellencamp: 'You Never Know'

Brinkley opened up to ET about why she stood up for her ex Mellencamp against tabloid rumors.

Christie Brinkley came to the defense of John Mellencamp after tabloids declared their recent split was due to his "redneck ways," and over the weekend, the 62-year-old supermodel opened up to ET about why she stood up for her ex in her first interview since the breakup.

"I just think that in today's world, with everything we see going on and all of that, it's really important to stress kindness," Brinkley told ET at East Hampton Library's 12th Annual "Author's Night." "I think we start in our own homes and our own circles and if you see a friend that's not being treated fairly, you stick up for your friends."

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After breaking up with the 64-year-old "Jack & Diane" singer, a tabloid report last week claimed that political and lifestyle differences caused a rift between the two. Brinkley quickly took to Instagram to set the record straight.

"While much has been written over the years about me that I simply allow to roll off my back... I do stand up for my friends when things seem unfair and this is the case here," Brinkley posted. "Distance and work were all that stood in the way of our relationship."

On Aug. 9, a rep for both Brinkley and Mellencamp told ET "they vowed to remain best of friends."

Before the split, the former couple had been dating since last year. A source confirmed to ET in September 2015 that Brinkley and Mellencamp were an item following a sighting of the two on a dinner date at the Bowery Hotel in New York City.

"John and I are dating," Brinkley told ET in November while promoting her book, Timeless Beauty. "We're having a good time, and it's fun."

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Since it appears the two continue to be close, Brinkley addressed the possibility of her and Mellencamp reuniting in the future.

"You never know," Brinkley said. "Good friendship is the basis for everything, right?"

Watch the video below for more on the split.