Blac Chyna Goes on Snapchat Rant, Calls Out 'Fake A** B**ches'

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Pro Tip: Don’t make Blac Chyna mad! The 28-year-old reality star took to Snapchat late Monday night to air her grievances against some unnamed ladies.

Rob Kardashian’s fiancée began her rant by posting several photos of text that read: “It’s so funny b**ches always gotta new bestie every week Fake A** B**ches. B**ches tell all they business to the next b**ch… And them have a falling out now ur business all out in the streets ! Be smart. Know the company u keep !!!! Everybody not your bestie !!!!”

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After fans responded trying to figure out what was happening, Chyna posted again, writing, “Guys don’t worry Nothing happen with me I’m just putting y’all b**ches on game.”

The pregnant model went on to post a series of funny videos of herself, using a comical Snapchat filter and a thick Southern accent.

"I feel like preaching tonight!" she began. "Now I done figured you out. I done figured y'all girls out. Y'all think y'all slick... And now you want to go hang out with the next hot little cute thing. And now you hanging all out with the girl, calling her your 'bestie.' You don't even like the b**ch. I don't get it."

It’s unclear whether Chyna is talking about anyone in particular or simply making a series of comical observations. She certainly doesn’t seem to be referencing pal Amber Rose, who took to Instagram on Monday to promote her bestie’s new show, Rob & Chyna.

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Sharing a funny meme of Chyna from the trailer, Rose wrote, “Hahaha Yaaaaas my b**ch @blacchyna has her own show! Premiering on Sept 11th on E!”

The trailer for the upcoming spin-off, features an upset Chyna screaming into the phone at Rob, “Are you still texting b**ches? Yes or no?”

The six-episode show will likely answer some questions surrounding her husband-to-be’s most recent exit from Instagram and social media silence.

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