Watch Channing Tatum Adorably Fail at Snapchat With Wife Jenna Dewan

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Don’t expect Channing Tatum to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon just yet.

The Magic Mikestar experienced a trial run of the app on wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s phone over the weekend and let’s just say he should probably stick to stripping. Or acting. Or being a dad. Or stripping.

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Despite his many talents, it seems the social media craze just doesn’t come naturally to the hunky actor.

In the video, Jenna stands next to a car, instructing her husband, “You hold it down and then record. I’m teaching you Snapchat.”

“I’m recording,” Channing answers, seemingly unaware his response is part of the Snap. Jenna then throws her hands up in despair while giggling.


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We sure hope she continues the lessons, so that eventually Channing can join in on the fun and keep us entertained with excerpts of his life – like this recent re-enactment of the couple’s dance in Step Up, the movie on which they found love a decade ago.

See more on the lovebirds and how their romance blossomed on the set of Step Up in the video below.

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