EXCLUSIVE: Adam Levine Says Alicia Keys Has 'Strongest Team' on 'The Voice,' Miley Cyrus Taunts Blake Shelton

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The Voice is back!

NBC's hit singing competition series returns for a sneak peek of season 11 on Sunday, with a 30-minute special airing after the Olympics. The season will officially kick off with a Sept. 19 premiere.

"I don't know if we've ever had a shake-up like season 11," Blake Shelton teases in a new promo for the show.

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Joining The Voice mainstays Blake and Adam Levine are new coaches Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. Only ET was on set with Adam earlier this summer, where his team was preparing for the battle rounds with help from mentor Sammy Hagar.

"Alicia's is the strongest team, mine is probably a not-so-distant second," he says. "Blake is always the weakest team. ... It's not so much his team, it's just him."

Safe to say that Adam and Blake's ongoing frenemy situation is still in full force.

"As much as the world likes to make this girl catfight scenario, that's actually Blake and Adam," Miley jokes in the promo -- a sentiment that Adam himself echoed in ET's interview.

"If you notice, on The Voice, I'm here and Blake's here -- that will never change," he said, gesturing to two opposite sides of the stage. "We're like the weird bookends."

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It looks like Miley will be seated in the big red chair closest to Adam, while Alicia is posting up next to Blake. And though the girls are clearly holding their own against the boys (see Miley trash-talking Blake in the player above), they're also finding themselves planted right in the middle of some wildly off-color banter from the boys.

"They're a little disturbed sometimes, a little shocked," Adam admitted. "Especially with the stuff you don't see. There is some pretty inappropriate material that gets made that's probably in some sort of vault ready at any time to blackmail us. ... It [wouldn't be] a made-for-TV blooper reel, it's more of an HBO blooper real. A lot of f**ks and s**ts."

See more from ET's interview with Adam and his team mentor, Sammy, in the player below!

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