Zelda Williams Talks Coping With Dad Robin Williams' Death: 'I Wrote 12 Scripts, Didn't See Daylight for a Whi

The aspiring actress appeared on 'Chelsea' on Thursday.

Zelda Williams is moving forward with her life. The 27-year-old aspiring actress made her first talk show appearance on Chelsea Handler’s self-titled Netflix show on Thursday.

Williams was an open book, discussing topics from her sexuality to how she handled the loss of her father, Robin Williams, in 2014. Zelda, who is openly bisexual, got candid about why she speaks out on her sexuality.

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“I think it’s everyone’s choice in how open they want to be or not,” she told host. “For me, there’s a lot of erasure of bisexuality. I think a lot of people -- especially in women -- they tend to have really bad responses to it. They think you can’t have a monogamous relationship. By the way, it doesn’t really matter if you want to be not-monogamous or not. Your sexuality doesn’t really dictate that. Being bisexual doesn’t mean I’m suddenly willy nilly running around.”

She also noted that she lends her voice to the LGBT community because she has a zero tolerance policy for trolls.

“I speak openly about it because I think there are a lot of people who don’t hear anyone saying it enough, or if they do they hear them, getting a lot of crap for it and I don’t really take s**t,” she said as the audience clapped.

The Girl in the Box star recalled being sent Photoshopped pictures of her late father’s dead body online,and also revealed how she coped shortly after the news came out of his suicide.

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“I just kept going, ‘Ok, well today I’m going to wake up and love what I do. And tomorrow I’m going to wake up and be happy and love what I do. And then the next day…’ because sometimes it’s all you can do,” she said.

Zelda added that a lot of people were very protective of her after her father’s death, saying, “It’s funny because for a while no one would let me do anything. I think there’s that reaction of, ‘Oh, s**t are you ok?’ And then even if you are ok, they’re like ‘but what’s wrong?’ I ended up writing 12 scripts, but then you’re like, ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ And also, I didn’t see daylight for a while. So, now I’m doing a lot more of that. I’ve been working really hard.”