Hillary Clinton Shares Cute Throwback Wedding Pic With Bill Clinton on His 70th Birthday

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Hillary Clinton shared a cute throwback wedding pic on Friday, in honor of Bill Clinton’s 70th birthday.

The 68-year-old presidential hopeful posted the snapshot from their 1975 nuptials, which she captioned, "Happy birthday Bill!"

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The former president also received an Elmo birthday balloon from his granddaughter Charlotte, who turns 2 in September.

Charlotte hasn’t quite mastered the concept of gift giving, her mother Chelsea Clinton, revealed in a tweet on Friday.

"Here's the balloon Charlotte got for Poppop," Chelsea wrote. "She hasn't learned yet presents are for the person getting the gift...!"

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While the Clintons are best known for their political service, one member of the family is making a name for himself in the modeling world. Tyler Clinton, is the 22-year-old son of Bill's half-brother Roger Clinton Jr., and his modeling shots recently went viral. ET caught up with the photographer behind the popular pics, last month.

"Working with Tyler was amazing," Adina Doria told ET during a phone interview. "He was incredibly professional, very well-mannered and a truly genuine person. He was friendly to everyone on set and arrived early to location." Find out more about the Clintons’ hot nephew in the video below.

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