EXCLUSIVE: Inside 'RHONY' Stars Luann de Lesseps and Ramona Singer's Stunning Hamptons Homes!

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It’s the Real Housewives of the Hamptons! Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps invited ET into their Hamptons houses for private, exclusive tours.

Ramona’s Party Palace

Singer’s stunning home is a whopping 6,000 square feet with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, tennis court and Bocce ball court. “When I come here, every time I go, ‘Oh my God, is this really my house?’” she says. “My heart kind of flutters! You know, like a new boyfriend or something. I get a rush every time.” Singer has owned the home for about 20 years, through her divorce from longtime husband Mario. The house might excite her like a new man would, but Singer said she’s not seeing anyone specific right now. “I have only been divorced for a year and I just think it takes time to know yourself,” she shares. “I don't want to rush into anything.” But, is she open to getting married again one day? “That is an excellent question,” she says with a smile. “I am always open with everything.”

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These days, the mansion is the perfect getaway for Singer and daughter Avery, who’s entering her last year of college in the fall. It’s an oasis for the mother-daughter pair: they sip Ramona Pinot Grigio together on the balcony off the master bedroom, watching the sunset and chatting. While homes in the area are worth tens of millions, Singer won’t be selling anytime soon – the property will go into a trust for Avery. As for life in the Hamptons, Singer says: “It's just so serene, so quiet, so I can either be mellow here and have anywhere from 10 to 12 people here for a dinner party or luncheon, or I can go out and go to a charity benefit for 300.”

The house itself has been the site of several parties, including one that was featured on The Real Housewives of New York. Singer and her daughter watch episodes together on her 70-inch TV in the finished basement. “I can really see everyone and what they are doing in their expressions,” she admits. Singer says she hasn’t seen much of her co-stars this summer, but she’ll certainly be watching them on Wednesday night’s finale.

Luann’s Love Nest

About 20 minutes away from Singer is Countess Luann de Lesseps' charming cottage. It’s full of history – the house was once a whaling captain’s home, and her taste is eclectic. There are pieces she says are from the Ming dynasty, a “priceless” 19th century clock from her ex-husband’s family, and the walls are covered in artwork from both local artists and her de Lesseps' own daughter, Victoria. What's more, de Lesseps just finished remodeling and redecorating, updating the bathrooms with marble and furnishing multiple guest rooms. “Whenever I have friends over, we're always on the deck of the house,” she says. “We’re in the back overlooking the water…I’ve got a dock with my boat at the end of the garden. What more could you ask for?”

But there was one other thing to ask for: love. “I thought, ‘One day I'm going to have a man in my life again,” she reveals. “So I thought, ‘I need a walk-in closet, double sinks,’ and so I built my dream master bedroom. I put it out in the universe and it happened. I think you have to put it out in the universe.”

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De Lesseps is engaged to Tom D’Agostino, Jr. Photos of the two are framed throughout the house, but their relationship hasn’t been picture perfect. For much of this season of RHONY, their quick courtship was questioned, and in Wednesday night’s season finale de Lesseps will be delivered a bombshell: photos of D'Agostino kissing another woman just days after they got engaged. But they’re still together now, and planning their wedding. “It is a very exciting time," she says. "This is the most exciting time of my life -- getting married again after all this time. I am thrilled. I am not going to let what has happened on the show ruin the most exciting time of my life.”

ET also got a tour inside Bethenny Frankel’s glamorous Hamptons abode – watch it in the video below!