Stephen Curry's Daughters Riley and Ryan Get an Epic Backyard Surprise


Aww, this is just plain adorable!

NBA star and two-time MVP Stephen Curry and his wife, chef and author Ayesha, gave their young daughters, Riley and Ryan, a surprise of a lifetime when they hired professionals to build an epic backyard present: a “whimsical” horse-themed playhouse.

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Their journey was documented on Tuesday’s premiere of TLC’s Playhouse Masters, and it lived up to all its adorableness! “To be able to do this for our girls and give them something super special -- something that they can keep, really, forever is really special,” said Ayesha, 27.

Steph and Ayesha hired Tyson, a self-proclaimed Curry fan, and Audy Leavitt of Charmed Playhouses after seeing sketches they sent them on social media.

When the Leavitts visited the Currys’ Northern California home to meet their clients, Riley already had a list of requests (of course!): “I want a bridge, a slide….” Meanwhile, Ayesha requested a ball pit and climbing wall (for Ryan), and Steph, 28, asked for a place for their dog, Reza, “where he can chill.”

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The Currys were gob-smacked, to say the least, when they saw their dream playhouse come to life, and the Leavitts were able to incorporate every request into their design. “Oh shoot. Are y’all serious?,” Steph said when he first saw the playhouse, before Riley adorably recruited him to jump into the ball pit with her.


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Later, Riley discovered the slide on the second level (yes, there’s another story!) and had “daddy” go with her, which he obliged to hilarious results. “This is not made for 6’3” and over,” Steph quipped before thanking his yoga classes for helping him fit down the slide.

“I love my playhouse!” Riley exclaimed.

Mission: accomplished!

Last week, Ayesha teased their Playhouse Masters appearance, sharing this adorable pic of the family just moments before they saw their playhouse for the very first time. 

Earlier this year, Riley wished her father a happy 28th birthday in the most adorable way possible! Watch the video below to relive the cuteness.