Britney Spears Says She 'Almost Drowned' in Hawaii, Reveals Her Shock Over Justin Bieber's Nude Pics

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Britney Spears might be embarrassed about a scary incident in Hawaii, but at least she's 100 percent OK!

The 34-year-old singer recounts when she "literally almost drowned" during a recent vacation in a new interview with BBC Radio's Scott Mills, explaining that she got sucked into 6-ft. tall waves.

"I completely embarrassed myself ... I went out and I thought it was, like, a wave pool, and I was like, 'This is so nice and refreshing and just beautiful,'" she says. "But the thing I didn't think about is when you come back, the waves really come in hard."

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Spears looked to her security for help when she was sucked in, though none arrived.

"I got sucked under for, like, five minutes," she says. "Literally, almost drowned. And I’m like, 'Where is my security? They’re just going to let me die here, you know.'"

"And then I came in again and another wave took me under," she continues. "They just kind of left me there. I think they knew I could probably survive my way through it."

But Spears now takes the incident in stride, especially since her two sons -- 10-year-old Preston and 9-year-old Jayden -- call Hawaii one of their favorite spots.

"It was fun to say the least, and I got the experience of getting taken down by a 6-ft. wave," the "Make Me Move" singer jokes.

Spears gets pretty candid during the radio interview, also sharing her thoughts on Justin Bieber's headline-making nude pics that recently surfaced while he was on vacation in the sunny destination as her earlier this month. Of course, the Biebs in the buff first made headlines when naked pics of the 22-year-old pop star were leaked of him in Bora Bora last October.

"Did you see what happened to him, the other day, didn't he, like, expose himself?" Spears asks. "That was insane. I don’t understand, like, what went on there. Was that on the news and stuff? … Oh my God."

Spears recounts meeting Bieber during her Femme Fatale tour a couple of years ago, and in some unintentional shade, comments that he looks a lot younger than his actual age.

"He walks in my hotel room, and he was, like, a kid, literally," she recalls. "He looked like he was 13-years-old but he was 16 and I was like, 'Who is this kid in my hotel? Like, what is going on?' ... He's very unassuming, he is a very nice, kind boy and he is obviously way older now. He was extremely kind."

Spears, who's currently single, also pokes fun at her past love life when asked to give advice to her younger self.

"Never get married is number one," she cracks, having been through two divorces -- once from childhood friend Jason Alexander in 2004, and the second one from Kevin Federline in 2007. "That's probably the best advice I could give myself."

As for her current super fit physique? The pop superstar credits it all to her sons.

"Actually just being a mom and being on the go 24/7 and being with your kids," she says about how she's been able to maintain her better-than-ever figure. "I think worrying makes you lose weight, too. I am not a believer of being a worrier but unfortunately, I am a mom so I do. It's one of those things. They keep you on your game."

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Spears has been gearing up to perform this Sunday at this year's MTV Video Music Awards for the first time in nine years as she promotes her new album, Glory. Fans can also catch the pop princess in the latest installment of Late Late Show host James Corden's popular Carpool Karaoke segment. Watch the video below to see a tease!

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