EXCLUSIVE: Ashton Kutcher Says He Wants to 'Protect' Daughter Wyatt From Show Business: 'It Is My Job'

'The Ranch' star talks to ET about the pitfalls of social media and fame.

Ashton Kutcher
is keeping his daughter, Wyatt, as far away from the spotlight as possible.

The 38-year-old actor sat down with ET’s Sophie Schillaci on Saturday at the Back Porch Revival Show in his home state of Iowa, where he opened up about why he won’t be encouraging his young daughter to follow in his and wife Mila Kunis’ footsteps. When asked if he would allow Wyatt, who celebrates her 2nd birthday on Oct. 1, to go into show business, he was vehement in his answer.

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“No,” Kutcher adamantly said, before clarifying that he’d be OK with it if she was old enough to make that decision. “When it is a choice that she is making, then I think it is fine. … As long as it’s not a choice that she is making, it is my job to protect her from all this nonsense.”

It’s not a surprise that Kutcher would want to shield his daughter from the limelight. Since welcoming her into the world in 2014, he and Kunis have largely kept Wyatt away from the public eye.

Earlier this month, The Ranch star revealed on Instagram that Wyatt dropped her first F-bomb and Kutcher explained the hilarious backstory behind the “#baddads” moment.

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“Mila comes into the bedroom and is like ‘Puppy peed on the stairwell,’ and I go ‘F**k,’ and I walk away like this and all of a sudden, I hear behind me, ‘F**k,’” Kutcher recalled. “I turn around [and] she legitimately is like, ‘F**k,’ and I was like, ‘Fox. I said fox. Papa said fox.’”

After some back and forth, Kutcher said he finally persuaded his 1-year-old that he had actually said “fox.” “She was like, ‘F**k,’ and I was like, ‘No, fox. I said fox.’ And she’s like, ‘Fox.’ ‘Yes, that’s fox!’” he continued. “Fox is fine. You can go with fox all day.”

An early adopter of Twitter, Kutcher also took a moment to address the future of social media and the consequences of fame, amid Leslie Jones’ recent website hack and Twitter hate.

“I think people want to blame social media for a lot of things, but social media’s just a reflection of the world we live in. If we want to change social media, we have to change us,” he said, before making a dig at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. “It’s tough when you have people that are campaigning for the highest position on the planet that are justifying other people’s prejudice with their campaign and it creates separatism, it creates divisiveness and I think it creates a lot of animosity.”

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“Fame is not for the weary,” Kutcher added. “The minute you start believing the good things that people say, you have to believe in the bad things that people say -- and they say both. If you want to stand on the public stage, you [have] to be ready to get booed.”

Kutcher admitted that he’s made plenty of mistakes when it comes to speaking his mind on social media, but never had “bad intentions.”

“The thing that I’ve learned is to monitor myself and realize that there’s a responsibility that comes with having a very large voice on social media,” he said. (Kutcher has nearly 20 million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined.) “You’re throwing meat in the cage and it doesn’t matter how well-intended you are, somebody is going to tear it up. You get thick skin really quick.”

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The Back Porch Revival Show benefitted The Native Fund, a nonprofit organization co-founded by Kutcher and former NFL player Dallas Clark, that assists Iowans in need.

For more on ET’s exclusive sit-down with Kutcher, where he reveals his dream country star casting for Netflix’s The Ranch, watch the video below.