Chris Brown Releases New Song Just 24 Hours After Arrest

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Chris Brown wasted no time getting back to his music following his most recent arrest.

"MUSIC!!!!" he tweeted on Wednesday afternoon, just hours after he was released from jail. The 27-year-old R&B artist released a new single titled "What Would You Do?", and while there aren't too many lyrics, the chorus is pretty telling.

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"What do you do fighting for your life," he sings. "And no one's on your side."

On Tuesday, Brown was booked and released on a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon after former Miss California Regional contestant Baylee Curran claimed that he threatened her with a gun at his home in Tarzana, California on Monday night. Brown claims he was asleep when the alleged incident occurred, and took to Instagram before his arrest on Tuesday to reject Curran's claims and deny any wrongdoing. His lawyer has also stated that these claims are "demonstrably false."

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Ray J was with Brown at the time of the alleged incident and insisted in an exclusive sit-down interview with ET that they were trying to work on a "new project" when all the drama occurred.

"Chris is my homie and I just can't let people just have this full pile of negativity going on with his name," he said, vouching for the "Forever" singer. "We were creating, we were getting tattoos. We was talking about my new project. We were talking about so many different positive things in a tech community that we can do together -- for the community. So, it just hurts my feelings when that gets derailed with stuff like that."