Demi Lovato Gets Giant Tattoo Touch-Ups: 'Why Is the Feeling of Getting Tattooed So Addicting?'

The singer got inked by celeb tattoo artist Bang Bang.

When it comes to getting tattoos, Demi Lovato is a real warrior! The “Confident” singer took to Snapchat and Instagram Stories on Monday night, sharing videos and photos from her private tattoo session with celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang.


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First, Lovato added a second rose to the first one on her wrist, showing a pic of the retouched art. Then she laid on her side so that Bang Bang could add to her dream catcher tattoo.


The original ink read, “You make me beautiful.”

Bang Bang kept the message in-tact, adding additional feathers and beads to keep it fresh.


Lovato was a champ throughout the painful process, cuddling with her dog, Batman, for part of it. She later revealed on Twitter that she actually enjoys the experience, writing, “Why is the feeling of getting tattooed so addicting?!”

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The Disney Channel alum is currently on the Future Now Tour with pal Nick Jonas.

Bang Bang has also been busy lately. He recently gave Rihanna a camouflage shark tattoo on her ankle. It is representative of the stuffed animal shark that her boyfriend, Drake, got her at an aquarium in Canada.