Chris Harrison Predicts 3 Proposals on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Finale

Despite some contestants' cold feet, the host thinks more than one guy will get down on bended knee!

The Bachelor in Paradise season finale airs Tuesday night on ABC, and host Chris Harrison thinks three proposals will go down! ET was on set with Harrison just before the season finale taped over the summer, and the longtime Bachelor Nation host weighed in on what was to come.

At the time, Harrison predicted Grant Kemp, Josh Murray and Evan Bass would propose to Lace Morris, Amanda Stanton and Carly Waddell respectively. The one ‘final four’ couple Harrison didn’t see getting engaged? Nick Viall and Jen Saviano. Of course, we now all know the two don’t stay together, engaged or not, as Viall is set to be the next Bachelor.

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Of Murray and Stanton, Harrison said, “If you had walked into Paradise and you would tap two people that you would hope mate and make babies, it would be Josh and Amanda, right?" Harrison also noted that he felt Murray was ready to be a stepfather to Stanton’s two young daughters. “He's a very good man,” Harrison said. “He seems to love her very much.”

Harrison said of Kemp and Morris, “Grant and Lace are just hot. They're just sex on a plate.” The longtime host was really rooting for Waddell, though. “I would love to see this whole thing end in a proposal for her,” he said. “Carly has become a friend of mine after last season … I really want this to work out.”

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So, why didn’t the host think Viall and Saviano would get engaged? “He's been really reserved this entire time,” Harrison pointed out. “I have had to draw stuff out of him.” Saviano expressed similar sentiments, telling ET that Viall had walls up with her.

To hear Murray talk about the ring he was planning to pick for Stanton, watch the video below!