Britney Spears Settles Lawsuit With Ex Manager Sam Lutfi After 7-Year Legal Battle

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Britney Spears finally reached a settlement with her ex-manager, Sam Lutfi, after he filed a defamation lawsuit against the pop star and her family back in 2009.

Lutfi claimed Spears owed him money, alleging that there was a 2007 oral agreement that he would be her manager. He also accused Spears' mother of libel and her father of battery. A judge dismissed his case in 2012, but Lutfi appealed and the trial was to begin on Oct. 11. According to TMZ's source, the settlement agreed upon was in the "low six figures."

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Spears' conservatorship had previously shielded her from testifying in Lutfi's case back in 2011, but when Lutfi's lawsuit went to the Court of Appeals, the 34-year-old singer was called to testify in a deposition. Despite her team's initial claims that being in the same room as Lutfi during said testimony would pose "serious risks" to the singer, the New York Times reported in May that Spears did indeed testify "without incident in Lutfi's presence, even snacking on a cookie during a down moment."

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Spears has come a long way since 2007.
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