Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares Insane 'Grease' Fan Theory -- See What She Said!

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Sarah Michelle Gellar is blowing our minds right now.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star shared a Grease fan theory with her fans on Wednesday that calls into question whether the whole song and dance production all took place in the titular female, Sandy's, head.

"Wait this has blown my mind- has anyone heard this theory about the movie #Grease," Gellar wrote. "At the end of the movie, Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson fly off in a red convertible as they wave goodbye to their friends on the solid ground below, leading to the conclusion that the flying car was the final result of Sandy’s fantasy. (As in she is dead)."

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The theory is predicated on how Danny and Sandy say they came to know each other.

"During the song 'Summer Nights,' Danny and Sandy recount how they first met and started a summer fling," Gellar explained. "The line, 'I saved her life, she nearly drowned,' suggests that Sandy actually did drown and the whole movie is an elaborate musical fantasy due to the lack of oxygen getting to her brain."

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"The flying red convertible also suggests that Sandy is happily being whisked away to heaven at the end of the movie," Gellar concluded. "Wait what?!?!"

Now, some commenters pointed out that the theory probably thinks too hard about the fun loving 1978 musical comedy, and that the flying car is probably a callback to a teacher earlier joking that if the car were in better condition, it would fly.

Still, we can't help but linger on these particular lyrics to "Hopelessly Devoted to You": "My heart is saying, 'Don't let go. Hold on till the end.'"

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Great, Sarah. Now you've got us thinking about it too!

Now, far-fetched theories aside, what we can't believe is that Gellar and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. just celebrated 14 years together!

Watch the video below for more on how the happy couple is still going strong.