Christy Turlington Stuns on 'Town & Country' Cover, Says She'll 'Never' Get Plastic Surgery: 'It Looks Freaky

Town and Country

Christy Turlington has no problem saying "never" to plastic surgery.

The 47-year-old supermodel stuns on the cover of Town & Country's October issue, and while she's never looked better, she's the first vouch for fitness as a beauty regimen -- and not going under the knife.

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Town and Country

"Never," Turlington tells the magazine on whether she has or would ever submit to plastic surgery. "For years these things didn't even exist: collagen, fat cells, the crazy stuff people do I cannot imagine."

"First of all, I have no time. Second of all, I don't think it looks good. Maybe I would think differently if I thought it looked good and it didn't hurt and it didn't send bad messages to young people," she explains. "But I've never seen someone who I've been like, 'Oh, that's a good idea.' It looks freaky to me."

Town and Country

Turlington, a longtime yoga practitioner and marathon runner, insists she's not worried about approaching her 50th birthday. "I wasn't worried about aging at 16, and I'm not worried about it at 47. It's a fact of life, and it's good that people close to me see that I'm relaxed and okay about aging, not neurotic or worried about it," she says.

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"To my kids, I'll be the mom who barely shaves her legs, who doesn't color her hair," she adds. "Being who you are, being your best self, has nothing to do with what you look like."

Town and Country

And while Turlington thinks plastic surgery sends a "bad message" to children, she doesn't blame the fashion world for leading to eating disorders.

"I don't think people get eating disorders by looking at magazines," she bluntly states, adding that she thinks those suffering from eating disorders have a "much deeper set of issues." "As an active model and a mother of a 12-year-old girl, I would not blame a magazine or fashion company for that. People have to get over the idea that realism is being projected here."

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But back to Turlington's stance on going under the knife, she’s not the only one standing up to Hollywood's seeming obsession with plastic surgery.

Renee Zellweger recently spoke out against rumors that she had altered her face in a guest column for The Huffington Post, slamming the tabloid culture obsessed with her appearance.

"Not that it's anyone's business, but I did not make a decision to alter my face and have surgery on my eyes," she wrote. "This face is of no true import to anyone at all, but that the possibility alone as discussed among respected journalists and became a public conversation is a disconcerting illustration of news/entertainment confusion and society's fixation on physicality."

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