EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn Decker Plans to Dress Her Baby in NFL Gear to Impress Chrissy Teigen's Daughter


Football is officially back in full force, and Brooklyn Decker could not be more excited!

Ahead of Thursday's NFL kickoff game between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, ET caught up with the Grace and Frankie star (and avid Panthers fan!), where she gushed over the sport, her 11-month-old son, Hank, and her friendship with Chrissy Teigen.

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"Chrissy and I met at the Super Bowl seven or eight years ago, backstage at John [Legend]'s show," Decker, who's married to tennis pro Andy Roddick, explains. "Andy and John were kind of fangirling over each other and really wanted to meet. We started talking, it was like sparks flew, and we've been friends ever since!"

Hank is turning a year old on Sept. 30, and although Decker admits she doesn't have any birthday plans for him just yet -- "that's so terrible!" -- she does have one special wish for him: to marry Teigen's 4-month-old daughter!

Luna, whom Teigen shares with husband John Legend, has already met baby Hank, and according to Decker, their play dates are quite, well, interesting.

"I'm trying to get Hank to make out with her," Decker admits. "It hasn't happened yet, so fingers crossed that they start making out soon. But basically it's me trying to pitch my son as her future husband, that's all that it is."

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"I'm like, 'This is why my son's great, this is why Luna should marry Hank,'" she adds. "Poor John and Chrissy probably hear about it all the time."

The 29-year-old model jokes that she plans to get Hank to impress Luna by dressing him in some cute NFL swag.

"I will definitely be bringing home some NFL gear for my child," she dishes. "He already has his first Panthers jersey with his name on the back, but I'll be bringing him some bigger stuff that he can grow into."

Decker actually called ET from the Mile High Stadium in Denver, where she is not only attending tonight's game, but also critiquing fan looks as part of a campaign to promote the NFL's new women's apparel line. As fans of the sport may recall, the NFL opener is a rematch of Super Bowl 50, where the Broncos beat out the Panthers 24-10. So while talking about the new collection with Decker, we of course had to ask her for her score predictions!

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"So, because it's a Super Bowl [50] rematch, I am predicting that we will have the Super Bowl score, 24-10, but in the reverse," she says. "I am predicting the Panthers to be the victors. Broncos are also working with a new QB [Trevor Siemian], which, you know, is a huge question mark for tonight's game, so I'm predicting the Panthers win."

Decker also tells ET that she's usually game to play fantasy football with her pals, but being a mom has forced her to take a break from joining a league the past two years.

"I was [in a league] for years, and I had a baby," she explains, laughing. "All of a sudden, you don't have time to do draft, and to change your lineup every week. It's funny how that goes so quickly. Last year I was very pregnant and delivering in September, and then this year with a baby running around, there's just no time for it."

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That's why her latest project with NFL seemed like the perfect fit. "I'm incredibly excited to be here," she tells ET. "When NFL asked me to come along and help with their women's apparel collection, and I knew I'd get to cheer on my team, wearing their colors, I was down and so excited."

Prior to kickoff, Decker put her passion for fashion to good use, working with the women's apparel collection to critique the looks fans were sporting at their tailgates.


"What's so funny is -- I grew up in North Carolina, I live in Texas, I work in New York and L.A., and what I find with NFL fashion is, we're just watching people and hanging out with people and seeing how they style their team gear and how they show their team loyalty," she explains. "What I find is so cool is that regionally, people's wardrobe changes."

"When you look at Texas, for example, you go to like a Texans game or a Cowboys game, and everyone has on cowboy boots with their jerseys," she continues. "When you go to North Carolina, again, everyone is wearing the same thing, jerseys, but you'll see southern ladies with their popped collars and pearl necklaces. It's really funny to see. You'll have a stadium full of matching people, but regionally, people really mix it up depending on what the style is in their hometown, which is really fun to observe."

The Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos NFL kickoff game begins Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT on NBC.

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