Angelina Jolie Stuns in Chic Black Dress at UN Peacekeeping Summit in London -- See the Pics!

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The 41-year-old actress gave a speech at the Lancaster House on Thursday.

Angelina Jolie made a surprise appearance at the United Nations Peacekeeping Defense Conference at the Lancaster House in London on Thursday.

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The 41-year-old actress stunned in a knee-length black dress with sheer long sleeves as she was greeted by UK Vice Chief of the Defense Staff General Sir Gordon Messenger.

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Wearing small diamond earrings with her hair swept back in a lose bun, Jolie gave an impassioned speech during the summit to attendees from 80 countries.

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Jolie paid tribute to servicemen and women for "their commitment and their sacrifice," before calling for more female peacekeepers, amid growing allegations of sexual assault by troops sent to areas of conflict.

The “quality and credibility of UN peacemaking," is being "undermined," Jolie said according to The Guardian. She noted the "few" but "intolerable cases of women and children being sexually exploited by the very people in charge of protecting them."

"The fact is that increasing the number of UN peacekeepers alone will not be enough to fix the conflicts we are experiencing," Jolie said. "It has to be accompanied by a new way of conducting peacekeeping. One that has the rights and protection of women at it’s heart."

Jolie stressed that adding more women, who account for less than 5 percent of UN peacekeepers, is essential to reshaping the UN's efforts.

"Peacekeeping forces can only gain and keep the trust of the local populations if they are able to engage with women as well men in that community," she said.

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The Oscar-winner has dedicated several years to the UN, and was promoted to UN Special Envoy in 2012.

With so much globetrotting it’s good that Jolie’s six children are all learning different languages. See more in the video below.