Ariel Winter Is Deferring College But Says Her 'Dream Is Not Going Away'

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Ariel Winter's college dreams are currently on hold.

Although the 18-year-old actress told ET last month that she was picking out classes in preparation for her first year at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Winter now says she's deferring college for a year.

"I was all ready to go, but production couldn't make it work so that I could go," Winter tells ET's Katie Krause. "Due to that, I had to defer until next year. [I'm] definitely still going though when I'm able to! My college dream is not going away."

"It all got worked out so late," she adds about the change of plans. "It wasn't supposed to work out this way, but unfortunately, it did!"

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Winter is still planning on majoring in political science.

"I've been acting my whole life so I feel like ... I should have knowledge in another subject because the industry is so -- you can't predict what's going to happen," she told ET in August about her choice of majors. "I could be working now and then never work again the next 10 years, so I thought it's important to have knowledge in another subject that you like, that you could have as a plan in the future."

She was also looking forward to having the typical college experience.

"Having that experience I think is something that really just enriches your life, and I think it's going to be amazing for me to go to college with other undergraduate students, find people that are studying the same thing as me, people that aren't, just meet a more diverse group of people and that's what I'm really excited for," she said. "I'm also just excited to be a college student."

Winter's decision to defer college isn't too surprising, given how much she has on her plate these days. Aside from her recurring role as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, she's currently filming Dog Yearsalongside Burt Reynolds. She also teased an upcoming secret photo shoot on Wednesday, when she donned a short blonde wig and gave us some major Marilyn Monroe vibes while striking a booty-flaunting pose.

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And of course, there's the business of being a normal teenager and having fun with friends. Winter attended Drake's concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday, sporting a matching cream crop top and skirt, and nude high heels.

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