EXCLUSIVE: 'RHOBH' Star Camille Grammer Gives Cancer Update: 'I Have Survived It, I Am a Warrior'

The 48-year-old reality star tells ET she's no longer 'embarrassed' by her scars.

Camille Grammer is getting candid on her road to recovery.

ET caught up with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star at New York Fashion Week on Thursday, where she gave us an update on how she's getting her sexy back since surviving stage two endometrial cancer.

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Camille recently modeled in a bikini-clad beach photo shoot with photographer Lisa Boyle, later taking to Instagram to share the unretouched pics. The 48-year-old reality star said she's "proud" of her scars, and isn't going to hide them.

"Well, I had a radical hysterectomy," she explained. "I had a very aggressive form of cancer so, you know, when I take these photographs -- at first I was embarrassed of my scars, but now I'm not. It's part of what I've been through. I have survived it, I am a warrior."

"I am in remission and will be three years [cancer-free] in January," she continued. "That was the end of my treatment, the end of my chemo radiation [was] beginning of January [2014], so that was my New Year's gift that year."

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Camille hopes that by sharing her body-confident snaps, she can inspire other cancer survivors to follow in her footsteps.

"After you have a hysterectomy, you don't feel feminine," she said. "A part of your femininity and your female body parts are removed, so it was very important for me to feel feminine again, and because the loss of hormones and everything like that, I felt insecure."

"I felt just part of my life was, you know, my life has changed, and you have to adjust to the changes, the hormones," she added. "I was immediately in surgical menopause, and [had] to work through that. I haven't really taken any, because the cancer I had, I can't really take any hormone replacements, so I am on very small doses. I take dance classes to feel feminine."

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Sadly, Camille isn't the only one in her family who has been faced with the disease. Her mother is currently battling cancer for the third time.

"She was originally diagnosed with ovarian [cancer] at 47 years old, stage three," Camille told ET. "She survived that, and she is on her third cancer -- it's a bladder cell that is in her kidneys and in her bladder."

"It's incurable, but she is on a maintenance program and she is still here, thank God," Camille revealed. "She will be here today at the show cheering on [my daughter] Mason with my dad. That's why it's so important for me to speak about below the belt cancers."

"Ours is genetic, it's in my family," she continued. "It is called lynch syndrome -- it's the genetic mutation I have, and I just I think it's very important to raise awareness and to inform our youth and these teenage girls about cervical cancers, and getting checkups, and how important it is to get your annual checkup. Early detection is key."

In happier news, Camille was all smiles as she gushed over her and ex-husband Kelsey Grammer's 14-year-old daughter, Mason, who walked the runway during designer Malan Breton's NYFW show.

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"I am thrilled to watch my daughter walk her New York Fashion Week [show]," Camille dished. "This is her second time walking the runway for Malan Breton, and I am so proud of her. This is something that is all hers. Nothing to do with me or my ex-husband -- this is her own thing and I am very proud of her."

"Now as she is getting older, I have people tweeting me and telling me, 'Oh, she is really looking a lot like you now,'" she added. "I think there is a good combo [of looks] between the both of us, Kelsey and I."

ET also chatted with Mason, who gave us some insight to the type of advice she's gotten from her famous mom.

"Well, she told me that you are not always going to get a gig -- you are going to have to work very hard and you are going to have to be OK with not getting something," Mason explained. "You’ve got to be really strong during this career."

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"Before, I wasn't even interested in [modeling] at first," she added. "Like my mom said, I was into soccer, school and then, all of a sudden, I got asked to do this and I was like, 'OK, sure, I will try it.' I did it and I loved it, so of course I would love to pursue in this, but I also love acting. I have always wanted to do acting my whole life, and it would be great if I can do that but I also love this too."

Camille also confirmed to ET that she's currently filming for season seven of RHOBH. To hear more on that, watch the video below.