Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Kids Know About Her Spice Girls Days: 'We've Watched the Movie Together'

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Girl power! These days Victoria Beckham is a successful fashion designer with four beautiful children and one hunky husband, but she hasn’t forgotten her Spice Girls roots.

In an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Monday, Beckham, 42, revealed to the host that her children are all too familiar with her pop star past.

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“They know the Spice Girls. They know that mommy wore heels and did the pout and point,” Beckham revealed. “They’re proud. We’ve watched the movie [Spice World] together. When I was on tour with the Spice Girls, I took the children with me, so they know it.”

And after three boys, Beckham was excited to welcome some girl power of her own, when she gave birth to daughter Harper in 2011.

“It was so great to have a girl, and the boys are so great with her, and David is such a great dad,” the proud mom gushed. “It’s so cute to see him with a little [girl]. She’s so great. She’s a little tomboy playing in the garden with her brothers, playing football, and David as well, but she’s also very girly. She loves to play with makeup. She has been able to run in a pair of high heels for a long time. I’m so proud.”

Harper’s not the only Beckham offspring with special talents. The couple’s eldest, Brooklyn, 17, already has a promising modeling career, and their son Cruz, 11, recently showed off his singing skills on Instagram.

“He’s so musical, Cruz. We didn’t even realize that he could sing,” Beckham admitted. “He was always the one who plays football. He was just sitting in the back of the car one day and he was singing, and I was like, ‘Wow, you can really sing!’”

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The designer is very proud of her brood, saying, “We are like a traveling circus, our family. We sing, we dance, we do football, we do fashion!”

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