Michelle Duggar's Children, Husband Wish Her a Happy 50th Birthday!


Michelle Duggar is having the best day ever!

The former 19 Kids and Counting star turned 50 on Tuesday and has been receiving heartwarming well wishes from her family and close friends.

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"Happy Birthday to the greatest mom ever! You are such an example to all of us young moms and someone I aspire to be like!" wrote Jill (Duggar) Dillard, 25, on the family's official web site. "The longer I live the more blessed I realize I am to have you as my mom! Thank you mama for teaching us to love Jesus and serve others! I love you! Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you for being consistent over the years in reminding me to do what is right, to honor God, and to be respectful to others," wrote Joy-Anna Duggar, 18. "Thank you for wanting to know our hearts… Your genuine love for others, not only our family and friends, but even total strangers, blows me away!! How you truly care for others and their needs is such a testimony to me! I love you so very much and am SO thankful to have YOU as my Mom!!"

Michelle, who has been married to Jim Bob Duggar since 1984, also received a loving message from her husband.

"Michelle, you are so beautiful inside and out," wrote Jim Bob. "I feel like the most blessed man in the world to be married to you for over 32 years. Thank you for having our 19 kids, you are such a wonderful wife and mother! Your sweet spirit radiates to all those around you. I am looking forward to the next 50 years with you and spending time together with our 200 grandkids! I love you so much, you are my best friend!"

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Jessa (Duggar) Seewald, 23, who is expecting her second child with husband Ben Seewald, 21, took to the Seewald family website to share her well wishes.

"People are drawn to your smile. You are real and genuine. You are truly happy. You are a strong woman," Jessa wrote. "I've been around you all my life, and I can testify to the truth of this statement! I do not know a better woman than you. You are the most loving, caring and compassionate person I've ever known!"

"Jesus shines through you, and that is what is most attractive," she added. "Your words are uplifting and kind. His love flows through you to everyone you come into contact with. You are not a perfect person. You mess up like everybody else. But you are humble and are quick to make things right."

"You're a gem," she concluded.

Michelle's youngest children, Jordyn, 8, Jennifer, 9, and Jackson, 12, shared their loving tributes by posting handwritten birthday letters to the family's website.

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