Michael Phelps and Son Boomer Enjoy Retirement: We Didn't Wanna Get Out of Bed This Morning!

The Olympian and his adorable baby slept in, because they earned it.

After retiring with 23 Olympic gold medals to his name, Michael Phelps has earned some down time. And who better to spend it with than his adorable little boy, Boomer?

The swimming superstar took to Instagram to share a heartwarming snapshot of himself and his 4-month-old son laying together in the morning, before they even had the energy to put shirts on.

"The little man and I don't wanna get out of bed this morning!!" the 31-year-old Olympian captioned the cute pic.

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You can't really blame them, either. After all, Boomer is a baby, so all he does is lay around all day, and Phelps had a big night rocking out (and winning) Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle Live special on Sunday. It takes time to recover from the awesomeness that is meeting Stevie Wonder.

In fact, Phelps' fiancée, Nicole Johnson, snapped a pic with their adorable son as they were "patiently waiting to watch daddy" dominate the Lip Sync Battle competition, just like he did at the Rio Olympics in August.

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While Phelps and his son didn't want to wake up and face the day, eventually they had to, for Boomer’s bath time. The couple snapped a pic of the baby in his super cute crab towel, and shared it to Boomer's Instagram page.

"I guess I was being crabby...not sure why else I would have this thing on!!! #bathtime," the caption to the sweet snapshot read.

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It's impossible to overstate just how cute Boomer is, or how much Phelps and Johnson dote over him all the time. Check out the video below for a look at even more Baby Boomer adorableness.