Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres Shop at CVS -- See the Hilarious Clip!

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Michelle Obama took an epic field trip to CVS!

During a segment airing Wednesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the first lady and the talk show host stop by a local CVS store in Los Angeles, California, to explore the wonders of shopping for goods without any special treatment.

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"Michelle is going to be out of the White House soon and I wanted to show her how to shop like a normal person," the 58-year-old comedian explains. "It's been like eight years since she has been to CVS. Like I said, it's been longer for me. Last time I was there I was shopping for birth control..."

In the clip, DeGeneres serves as a tour guide and makes random stops around the store, including the Coinstar kiosk, the boxed wine aisle, and the Halloween candy section.

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Obama, pushing her own cart, peruses through the magazine aisle and picks up some earbuds for her daughter, Sasha, all while trying to keep DeGeneres under control.

By the end of the shopping trip, the first lady promises to come back to the CVS store in 2017 without DeGeneres. "You are really not a good person to shop with," she says jokingly. "It's like taking a 3-year-old to the store...I’m not taking you anywhere."

Watch the clip below:

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