Kristen Bell Co-Hosts With Ellen DeGeneres, Quizzes Michael Phelps About Where He Keeps His Olympic Medals


On Tuesday, Ellen DeGeneres decided to spice things up on her talk show.

“It’s not easy to do something by yourself. It’s so much more fun to do things with somebody else,” she told her audience.

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DeGeneres then brought out actress Kristen Bell as her co-host for the day. Clad in a canary yellow dress, the Bad Moms star seemed very excited to be on the show.

“I’m so thrilled to co-host with you. I talk all the time and no one is listening to me,” she quipped.

DeGeneres quickly decided to try out a game where Bell talked like her Frozen character, Princess Anna, and she talked like her Finding Nemo character, Dory.

As Bell asked DeGeneres if she wanted to build a snowman, DeGeneres just kept asking, “I’m Dory, who are you?” imitating her forgetful animated fish.

The pair then auditioned to join the Spice Girls on their reunion tour, dressing up in wild outfits.

“I know a lot of dance moves,” Bell said, rocking platform boots.

“And I know a lot of spices – smoked paprika, rosemary, thyme!” DeGeneres declared, dressed like Sporty Spice.

But it wasn’t all fun and games, the two also interviewed several special guests, including recent Emmy winner Jon Oliver and swimmer Michael Phelps. The retired Olympian stopped by and reflected on his time competing in the pool.

“It was a fun 20 years. It was crazy, like, everything started with the dream of being an Olympic champion,” the new dad gushed. “Hard work does pay off.”

He also showed off one of his gold medals, noting that he has 28 in total.

“I have probably seen them all together maybe twice,” he admitted. “They’re in a secret place where probably two people in the world know where they are.”

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Bell tried to get him to divulge the location, but he wouldn’t budge. One topic Phelps had no problem discussing was his adorable son, Boomer. Noting that the little boy “loves” the water, Phelps revealed they have to keep the pool at 85 degrees for it to be safe.

“I have a gift for him because he’s really going to be a swimmer. I’m sure of it. And he should have his own pool,” DeGeneres said.

She then wheeled out a mini pool with the Olympic rings and 2030 printed on the side. Boomer even got his own swim trunks and cap.

For more of DeGeneres' interviews, watch the video below!

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