Lady Gaga Debuts Raw, Rockin' 'Perfect Illusion' Music Video

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Lady Gaga
's "Perfect Illusion" music video is here!

Mother Monster unveiled the Ruth Hogben-directed video on Tuesday night during the premiere of Scream Queens' second season on Fox. The video features Gaga driving through the desert and rocking out on stage and in a festival-style mosh pit, dressed in a fairly simple t-shirt and jean shorts, blonde hair pulled back in a high ponytail.

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"Perfect Illusion" is the first single off Gaga's forthcoming studio album, Joanne, due out on Oct. 21. The song was co-written and co-produced by Gaga, Mark Ronson, Tame Impala's Kevin Parker and Blood Pop, who all make cameo appearances in the video.

"With 'Perfect Illusion,' I think some of the way you can understand how it feels maybe to be me trying to be human and also being a star, it's so weird to say that, is that I am a perfect illusion to so many people. The truth is that it's very hard for me to have a human connection with others that I don't know because they feel that they’re looking at an image that somehow belongs to the world," she told Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on New York's Z100 last week.

"So what I’ve been doing for the past few years, is figuring out how can I make a record that connects to people on a human level who maybe think that there’s no way that I could ever relate to something that Lady Gaga feels about life or what she goes through or what her day is like," she continued, acknowledging that much of her formerly over-the-top stage persona was her own doing. "You know, 'She's a pop alien' or whatever people think I am! What I found making the record and what I think 'Perfect Illusion' is also about is kind of saying, 'You know what, I still feel the blow, but at least now I know it wasn't love, it was a perfect illusion.'"

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In another interview, Gaga addressed whether the song was influenced by her complicated relationship with her ex-fiance, Taylor Kinney. See what she said below.

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